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MIA : 786-443-3949 | PAP : 509-3910-6099

JeanCo Food




This maxim lays out the cold, hard truth of the culinary industry: Your passion for food must be great, but it must also be matched with the savvy and gumption to deliver your dream dish in a timely and consistent manner. JeanCo Food Concepts excels at attending to the most minuscule of details to ensure a perfect marriage of food, service and ambiance, thereby providing you with an unmatched, memorable experience.




It’s easy to find someone willing to go through the motions. It’s harder to find a special person who shares your enthusiasm and goals, but who also brings their own insights, experience and talents to the – literal and proverbial – table. The JeanCo Food Concepts team is made up of such people, eager to put their varied consulting skills – menu and interior design, branding, training, public relations, and much more – to work for your restaurant project. They’re also here to provide a deft touch to the food at your upcoming event. We ensure that you make a lasting impression, and that you steer well clear of trouble. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll help you strike the delicate balance between jaw-dropping innovation and flawless, fearless execution – a balance our company’s leader, Chef Jouvens Jean, has managed all too well throughout his distinguished 10-year career spent working with some of the industry’s most prestigious names.




JeanCo Food Concepts is made up of an unparalleled team headed up by Chef Jouvens Jean, who has over 10 years of experience in the industry and counts among his clients a number of major restaurants and hotels. The company includes not just chefs, but specialists and partners that can skillfully cover every angle, getting you the kind of outstanding results you need to enhance and refine any concept or project. We have the skilled people to provide you with excellence in architecture, branding, design (kitchen, interior, and more), food engineering, food technology, marketing, and training for every configuration and approach found in the food and hospitality industries.

Some of our clients have included: Baleen Restaurant at the Grove Isle Resort, Japengo at the Hyatt Regency Miami, Atrio at the Conrad Miami Hilton, the W South Beach, Sawa, the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, Pierre’s in Morada Bay, the Kinam Hotel, the Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel, and Asu Rooftop Lounge.

Our consultancy services also run the gamut and include:

  • Culinary staff training for continental/international cuisines
  • Hands-on restaurant & hotel pre-opening services
  • Menu design
  • VIP dinners and events
  • Public relations / marketing



Restaurant Consulting

With 10 years of experience working for and with establishments of every stripe, Chef Jouvens is equally comfortable putting together a cohesive product from scratch, or simply supplying the finishing touches for projects only in need of a few final tweaks.

  • Menu planning
  • Creating restaurant concepts
  • Food and beverage consulting
  • Optimizing kitchen operations

& Events

Whatever the event, Chef Jouvens’s teaching and television experience have established him as a skilled communicator, and his breadth of experience means that no topic or cuisine is beyond his reach.

  • Master classes
  • Demonstrations
  • Tradeshow and conference appearances
  • Other speaking engagements or special events

Private Dining Experiences

JeanCo Food Concepts can bring its sophisticated fare to your personal or corporate event. We have what it takes to provide tantalizing dishes as part of a seamless experience for your guests. Our expertise in a wide variety of cuisines and our innovative spirit mean that we’re able to craft a menu that pairs perfectly with your occasion, whatever or wherever it might be.

  • Corporate events
  • Parties and special events
  • Classes held in your own kitchen




Few things excite Chef Jouvens Jean more than a true challenge. Luckily, given his ambition and drive, a 10-year career has provided him with countless opportunities to push himself to the limits of creativity, planning, and teamwork in the restaurant and hotel industries. Time spent as an executive chef in a variety of systems and cuisines, as well as consulting for companies like Marriott, make him the perfect candidate for anyone looking to provide a seamless experience and put out a top-quality product.

If Chef Jouvens Jean has emerged victorious on both Food Network’s Chef Wanted and Cutthroat Kitchen programs, it’s because of the 10 years of incredibly varied work that preceded those competitions. Experience before and since has included consulting for clients like Marriott, teaching stints at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and Tianjin University of Commerce, as well as plenty of time spent as the executive chef at restaurants and hotels offering up cuisine with Japanese, Mediterranean, French, and Caribbean influences. A case in point: At Starwood’s St. Regis Bal Harbour hotel, he was handed the gargantuan challenge of opening the location and serving as chef de cuisine responsible for the simultaneous operation of four of the hotel’s six food & beverage outlets, but has also been tasked, for example, with designing and executing a finely tuned dinner at New York’s James Beard House.

In a seemingly effortless fashion, belying the energy he devotes to ensuring that every last detail is just so, Chef Jouvens provides your event or company with whatever it needs to take things to the next level.


JeanCo Food Concepts can bring its sophisticated fare to your personal or corporate event. Headed up by celebrity chef Jouvens Jean – with his extensive experience as an executive chef designing and delivering custom menus for both hotels and fine dining in cuisines as varied as Caribbean and Japanese – we have what it takes to provide tantalizing dishes as part of a seamless experience for your guests.
MIA: 786-443-3949 | PAP: 509-3910-6099

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