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A chef's fresh and innovative look on food with an international flare and seasoned with a creole "Je ne sais Quoi" !

Breadfruit Chips

3 easy steps to make perfect breadfruit chips

Grilled vegetable kabobs

Easy-to-follow Veggie Kabobs

Barbancourt Lemonade

It’s Lemonade Day, try our rated R Lemonade for the occasion

Pikliz (creole spicy slaw)

Haitian Famous Spicy Slaw on the go!

Sugarcane Fresco

Cool off the heat of the summer with this Sugarcane Fresco!

Greek Salad

A simple greek salad serve in a bowl …

Beer & Sprite

Don’t really like the taste of beer? Sprite it up!

Grilled Watermelon Gazpacho

New ways of using Watermellon this Summer! Try our Grilled Watermellon Gazpacho for Watermelon Day !

Ginger Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup with a Ginger Twist on the go!

Basil Mimosa

For your Sunday brunch, we bring you the Basil Mimosa

Corossol Cheese Cake

Try this Haitian Flavored Cheesecake

Creole salted cod with cooked green plantains

Always running… A delicious breakfast on the GO!

White Sangria

Lighter and breezier for the summer!

Coconut Pumpkin Bisque

Simplified haitian pumpkin soup edged with coconut

Truffle Parmesan Bacon Home Fries

Everybody loves fries ! Here’s a home-made fries recipe to celebrate French Fries Day !

Passion Fruit Bellini

Let’s put more Passion into that Bellini!

Roasted Sweet Potato with Raisins and Pickled Cranberries

An easy and sweet lunch on the go !

Poisson Gros Sel / Coarse Salt Fish

Haitian traditional Poisson Gros Sel. Perfect for a Sunday or for a very special occasion !

Brown Lentils and Haitian Spinach

It’s not all about that meat ! A simple dish for our vegetarian readers.